• 2000
    Setting up of NPCC
  • 2001
    Productivity Week in Mauritius and Rodrigues
    Muda Free Mauritius Campaign
    First Convention of Civic Action Teams (CATs) for Education sector
  • 2002
    Launching of Computer Proficiency Programme (CPP)
    Clustering Project in Textile Industry
  • 2003
    TEST (Textile Emergency Support Team) Evaluation Report for 52 Enterprises
    Launching of MUDA Free Public Service
    Participation of Winning Teams of CATS Convention at International Convention on Students Quality Control Circle, India (ICSQCC)
  • 2004
    First edition of Innovators Mauritius Award
    National Innovation Summit
    Competitiveness Foresight
  • 2005
    First edition of InnovEd (Innovation for the Education Sector)
    Clustering and Networking in the textile industry
    4th CATs Convention
  • 2006
    Pilot Business Networks Agribusiness
    5th CATs Convention
    Facilitation for Integrated Social Development Programme
    Change Management at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
    Agreement between the Commonwealth of Learning and the NPCC for Lifelong Learning
  • 2007
    Pilot Green School project
    ELIT Programme
    First Innovation and Cluster Competitiveness Symposium
    Collaboration with Connecticut Invention Convention, USA, for InnovEd
    NPCC participation in the 10th International Convention on Student's Quality Control Circles (ICSQCC)
    Launching of Empowering Community for Social Entrepreneurship project to promote social productivity
    Addressing Women's Emerging Needs through Empowerment project
    Special Programme for Unemployed Women
    Model Companies Project with Japan Productivity Centre (JPC)
    Development of a strategic plan for State Informatics Ltd
    “Operational excellence in the delivery of services" for the Municipality of Quatre Bornes
  • 2008
    Setting up of Productivity and Competitiveness Academy
    Green Productivity Programme in hotel and textile sectors
    Innovator's Mauritius Award: Eco-Living pour une île Maurice Durable - Everybody can make a difference
    Training on "Quality: from improvement to innovation" for the Mauritius Public Service Quality Association
    Training on "Advocacy for Poverty Alleviation and Community Health" in collaboration with National Women's Council
    7th CATs Convention
    Lifelong Learning Project with Commonwealth of Learning
    Implementation of the Economic Productivity Benchmarketing (EPB) and Capability Enhancement Programme
    Strategic Visioning Exercises for SILNAM
    Green School Project
    Green Productivity Clinic/Green Productivity Opportunity Assessment
    National Composting Plan - Development of a Central Compost Development Facility for Mauritius
    Collaboration in Mauritius Business Excellence Award
  • 2009
    8th CATs Convention
    Project on "Women at the heart of community development - A Grassroot Empowerment Programme"
    Quality Awareness Survey at Scott & Co Ltd
    Development of a new Labour-Management partnership model
    Survey on productivity and quality and Victoria Hospital
  • 2010-2011
    MUDA Free Workplace Programme
    Social Network of Housekeepers Project
    Launching of "Lifelong Learning for Women's Empowerment"
    Development of a Learning Material on Good Agricultural Practices
    Promoting Employee Involvement through Quality Circles and Suggestion Schemes
    Knowledge Sharing on "Quality Products and Quality Design"
  • 2012
    National Campaign on Productivity -“Travay pli bien, dimé dan bien” (Work smarter, tomorrow will be better) launched
    Workshop by John Heap, President of World Confederation of Productivity Science on 'SME Productivity Improvement'
    MoU signed between NPCC and Institute of Productivity (UK)
    Public training on “Mauritius Unlimited – create, share, enjoy”
    Partnership with E-Inclusion Foundation and Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands and French Pacific
    Business English for National Women Entrepreneur Council
    Customized training on Project Cycle Management for capacity building under Decentralised Coorperation Programme
    Providing assistance for the Mauritius Business Excellence Award
  • 2013
    National Productivity Campaign “Travay pli bien, dimé dan bien” (Work smarter, tomorrow will be better)
    Launching of NPCC Productivity Award
    Launching of Growth Opportunities for SME project
    Project Cycle Management Course for NGOs
    'Les Assises de l'Entreprenariat 2013' launched in Rodrigues
    'Salon de la Formation et des Métiers' inaugurated in Rodrigues
    Training in Customer Service for Beach Hawkers and Pleasure Craft Operators
    Workshop by John Heap, President of World Confederation of Productivity Science on 'SME Productivity Improvement'
    Im-Plant Training and Consultancy workshop by Giovanni Sommariva, Dyer and Finishing Advisor
  • 2014
    Training on Leading Effective Teams for managers, supervisors, team leaders, project and programme managers from both private and public sectors
    “Improving SME Access to Public Procurement" in collaboration with the Procurement Policy Office (PPO)
    Training on Overall Effective Efficiency (OEE) for Productivity Champions
    Workshop by Prof Robert Kaplan on The Balanced Scorecard
    Workshop on “Leading your company, leading your workforce” by Tom Peters
    Strategic Development for Kolektif Rivier Nwar (RKN)
    Roadshow "Bringing productivity to the people"
  • 2015
    Workshop by Prof. Dave Ulrich on “Strategy, Talent and Leadership for Growth
    Training on Balanced Scorecard by Dr Benoit Naous, Founder and CEO of 3A Solutions Group
    Innovation course for Terra employees
    Team building course for Registrar Office and MyBiz
    Workshop on Emotional Well Being
    is Everybody’s Business: Optimising contentment and productivity in Mauritius by Dr A.Basseer Jeeawody
    Unveiling of Mauritius Leadership Brand
    Implementation of the “Mauritius:
    The Gateway to Africa – Increasing Productivity; Building
    Leadership” project under the Mauritian Leadership Brand
    Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement - Case Study of Go-SME project
    Launching of Productivity and Competitiveness Indicators
    Training on Leadership and Communication skills in Women Centres
    NPCC Roadshow to sensitize people and provide them with information about productivity at Shoprite, Trianon
    Training Programme for Empowerment of Women in Cooperatives
    “Entrepreneurship Training-Build your Business” course, sponsored by Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands and Pacific and E-Inclusion

  • 2016
    NPCC-Enterprise Mauritius collaboration for PIP in 20 SMEs
    Gap Analysis for Association des Hotels de Charme
    Service Blueprint for Child Development Unit (CDU)
    Grooming Young Mauritian Leaders with support from US Embassy
    Launching of E-Knowledge Centre
    Development of Strategic Action Plan for Cité Ste Catherine
    Branding of Health Track and Recreation Facilities at St Felix public beach
    Workshop on 'Timeless Leadership' and 'Alchemy of Learning' by Dr. Debashis Chatterjee from IIM Lukhnow
    Customer Care Training for National Transport Corporation (NTC) workers
    Training in cash-flow management, trade finance and costing and pricing mechanism strategy under Go-Export Programme
  • 2017
    National Leadership Engine (NLE) project approved
    NPCC-AMM MoU to help local companies obtain Made in Moris label
    Future of Productivity conference by Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn, Secretary General of Asian Productivity Organisation (APO)
    Launching of Knowledge Exchange - Feed Your Mind initiative
    Productivity Enhancement Programme in Rodrigues
    Presentation on Creative Industries
    Launching of ICT for Innovation project
    Advance Change Management and Actionable Analytics for Process Excellence by Mr. Ketan Varia, founder of Kinetic Solutions, UK
    Advance Productivity Practitioners course by APO trainers from Malaysia
    Grooming of women in Women Empowerment Centres
    Seminar on ‘Productivity Improvement Strategies in Japan: New Trends and Experiences of Management and Production Techniques’
    Enhancing the competitive position of Mauritius: Laying the foundation for the next quantum leap
    Workshop on Disruption, disintermediation and digital by Mr. Abdulla Verachia, CEO of the Strategist Group, South Africa
    'New Leadership on Interesting Times' workshop by Prof. Barbara Simpson, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
    Sensitisation on leadership for young people in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports
    Barriers to Innovation workshop for women under Baz'Art Kreasion Social Enterprise Project of ENL Group
    Internet of Things: ICT for Innovation initiative launched
    Higher Productivity for Young Entrepreneurs in collaboration with JCI
    Innovation and Problem Solving workshop at ENL Group
    Sensitisation on Innovation and Creativity for Harel Mallac Group
    Creativity and Innovation workshop for Rodriguan students
    Java programming for young students in collaboration with Oracle and University of Mauritius
    Training on Augmented Reality with EON Reality
    Leadership and Management Training for ICAC management
    Model Companies project sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
  • 2018
    Japanese Kaizen concept for productivity improvement in Mauritian companies
    Launching of National Productivity and Quality Convention 2018
    Research on “Ageing Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities for the Republic of Mauritius”
    Workshop on 'Achieving Success in Education through Innovation' and 'Inventing Your Future - The Next Steps' by Mr. Jake Mendelssohn, Outreach Director of the Connecticut Invention Convention
    Participation of NPQC 2018 Grand Winners in ICQCC 2018 (Singapore)
    NPCC becomes 14th country member of ICQCC
    Training programme for African productivity practitioners by JPC in Mauritius
    Building and Sustaining a Culture of Operational Excellence workshop by Jayanth Murthy
    Leadership and Communication course for 195 women in Rodrigues
    Design Thinking at Poivre Corporate Services
    Training on Finance and International pricing to local SMEs in the context of the GO Export programme
    Training on Productivity for 300 entrepreneurs in Rodrigues
    Mobile Literacy Initiative For Women
    National TV and Radio campaign on productivity
  • 2019
    Collaboration between NPCC and SME Mauritius for PIP in 60 companies
    Public Sector Business Transformation Programme: Pilot Project at Victoria Hospital
    Training on Entrepreneurship for Open University of Mauritius students
    Technical Assistance from World Bank for firm level survey
    Training on Gemba Kaizen for 35 employees of the Commission for Training in Rodrigues
    National Leadership Engine Convention
    Industry 4.0 workshop by Dr. Ferrari
  • 2020
    #morisienprodiktif campaign on productivity during lockdown period
    Launching of Enterprise Productivity Solutions (EPS) Platform
    Launching of Webinars series by foreign experts
    Strategic Visioning Exercise and Elaboration of a Strategic Plan for the National Library
    Strategic Plan for the Mauritius Council of Registered Librarians
    Business Continuity and Resilience Planning (BCRP) programme
    Covid-19 Occupation Health and Safety Training for SMEs
    Scrap Challenge
    Mauritian Food Challenge
  • 2021
    NLE Action Drivers (NLEAD)
    Operation COSHARE
    Smart (Lean) Process for the Public Service
    Mauritius Productivity Survey in collaboration with the World Bank
  • 2022
    Operation COSHARE (Phase 2)
    Enterprise Go Digital
    Workshop on De Bono Six Thinking Hats by Frank Connolly
    Making Learning Fun Challenge
    Launching of National Productivity and Quality Excellence Award
  • 2023
    NLE 2022 Convention
    InnoVed 2023
    National Leadership Engine (NLE) 2023
    Enterprise Go Digital Platform
    National Productivity and Quality Excellence Award 2022/23
  • 2024
    Enterprise Go Digital
    InnovEd 2024
    NLE 2024

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