Enterprise Go Digital Platform

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About the Enterprise Go Digital Platform

The Enterprise Go Digital Platform is a novel way of doing business in an environment characterised by high-speed technological evolution. It is a one stop shop for enterprises to manage their end-to-end processes. The Enterprise Go Digital Platform is presently running on the following core modules:

-Sales automation: This module allows users to create, manage leads, maintain customer database, send quotations and invoices amongst others.

-Inventory management: This module helps to track and monitor stock.

-Production management: This application is based on best practices of lean manufacturing giving a flexibility and agility to enterprises to manage their production efficiently.

-Enterprise marketing management: This module provides features such as developing a marketing plan, creation of marketing content and customer support.

What type of businesses can use the platform?

All types of businesses can connect and use the applications on the platform.

How does a business connect to the platform?

Fill in the online form below. Once we get your application, which will go through a validation exercise, our team will then get in touch with you. Our team will also assist you in the implementation of the digital tools.

How does a business benefit from the Enterprise Go Digital Platform?

The Enterprise Go Digital Platform allows businesses to experience productivity gains by digitally streamlining their processes, thus saving time and resources.

They can also obtain real-time data for informed business decisions.

The designs of the applications have been kept simple and user-friendly. Users thus require a minimum learning curve to get acquainted with the available options. The system is highly robust, safeguarded by the latest security protocols and hosted in a well-protected environment with a Disaster Recovery site as fall back.


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