Expression of Interest - Call for Trainers

Call for Expression of Interest for Trainers

In line with our Strategic Plan 2021-2025, "Building a Resilient Tomorrow," and the government’s objective of achieving an inclusive, high-income, and green Mauritius (Government Programme 2020-2024), the NPCC is in the process of initiating up to date training programmes for its stakeholders.

The NPCC is calling for expression of interest for both individual consultants and entities such as Companies, Universities, Institutes, Foundations, Associations, etc.  The aim of the call is to establish a qualified pool of trainers who can deliver professional services on a short-term/freelance basis to assist us in building productive and competitive enterprises in diverses areas including:

1.      Smart Transformation

Enabling enterprises to transform their business models and become more competitive through the introduction of new, innovative methods including technology, insights, tools, techniques, etc.

2.      Quality of the Workforce

Enhancing the skills and competencies of the workforce by preparing for future work with productivity improvement knowledge as the primary input.

3.      Green Productivity

Intensifying applications of GP through the training of new tools, techniques, and implementation methods.

4.      Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Facilitating or improving an organization's ability to come up with new ideas by fostering an innovation culture, commercializing R&D results, etc.

Click here to download the registration form.

Nature of Services and Areas of Expertise

Trainers will be expected to provide trainings to all level personnel in order to increase the competitiveness and innovation capacity of firms. The candidates are expected to have teaching/ training/practical experience in the aforementioned fields and must be able to support this experience with official documentation.

General Required Qualifications and Experience

The trainer must possess the following qualifications and experience:

·        Relevant industry experience and at least 3 years of teaching/training/practical experience

·        Excellent verbal and written communications skills

·        Excellent customer service skills and experience in dealing with clients at all levels

·        Relevant certification in the field of Learning & Development

·        Relevant certification in the domain of subject matter expertise in the domain field indicated above

·        Relevant training experience and subject matter expertise in the domain field indicated above

·        Ability to engage learners and provide fun while imparting values through the use of games and activities

·        Ability to develop/contextualise courseware to meet client’s requirements at all level

Click here to download the registration form.

How to Register?
The registration form to be filled online or submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked “Expression of Interest for Trainers” addressed to the Director Capacity Development, Corporate Services & Operations, National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC), 3rd Floor Catalyst, Cybercity, Ebene, not later than 26th July 2023 at 14:00

Applicants must provide together with their registration form, evidence that they possess the required skills, knowledge and professional experience as described above, along with:
·        Company profile with track record of the proposed Trainer (if applicable);
·        Experience of having successfully conducted similar trainings;
·        References for similar training;


The Call for Expression of Interest will be open until 26.07.2023 (subject to extension, as needed by NPCC).


The NPCC reserves the right to accept or reject any interest expressed and or annul the EOI without incurring any liability whatsoever to any Service Provider.

For any additional information, kindly reach out to the NPCC.

NPCC, 3rd Floor,
The Catalyst,
Silicon Avenue,
467 77 00.

Click here to download the registration form.

All submissions and inquiries shall be emailed to The subject line must be indicated as, REF: NPCC- Expression of Interest for Trainers.


Submissions shall include

1.      Application Form (Annex 1)
2.      Curriculum Vitae
3.      Certificates of courses successfully completed
4.      Testimonials/References of conducting similar training

Legal entities may submit more than one set of application form and CV.


Services will be delivered during the financial year 2023 -2024.


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