Who are we?


Our Vision: Better Living for the Nation

Our Mission: Make Mauritius Work. Together

Our Values: Excellence, Commitment, Innovation, Continuous Learning, Team Spirit

The National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) is a national body established under the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council and became operational in 2000. The Council's objective is to stimulate and generate productivity and quality consciousness and drive the productivity and quality movement in all sectors of the economy with a view to raising national output and achieving sustained growth and international competitiveness.

The NPCC works at providing the forum for constant dialogue and consensus building on all aspects relating to productivity, quality and competitiveness and advises Government on the formulation of national policies and strategies on these aspects. As a focal point relating to productivity, quality and competitiveness, the Council strives to promote and develop greater productivity and quality awareness and consciousness amongst the public and to inculcate new values and attitudes in the country regarding productivity, quality and competitiveness.

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SADC Declaration on Productivity

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

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