Scrap Challenge projects 3rd Round

Scrap House by Mulliah Girrayah

Car sculpture by Sarvesh Kitaruth

Movable robot singer by Vaishnavi Ittoo

Torch (flashflight) made of scrap materials by Mathieu Carpen

Eco Candle Holder by Bhevine Bhoyroo (Photo)

Motherboard clock by Lusala Jeremy Nsasi

Rustic table lamp by Kamlesh Toolsy

Planting with used plastic gallon containers and plastic cups by Jeevesh Rao Juggiah

Constructing a pencil case using scrap materials by Vershni Putchay Nethra

Intrusion detection alarming system by Kaushik Abhinn

Functional speaker by Dylan Mooneesamy

Organiser by Lauthan Muhammad Hishaam Ibn Afzal

Making a flower box using pallet by Bhavesh Rao Juggiah

Train with boxes by Goolaub Pranav Varma

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