THINKING OUT OF THE BOX… Is it that easy?

THINKING OUT OF THE BOX… Is it that easy?

That we must always think 'out of the box' is what we always get to hear whenever we are faced with any particular problem. Whatever be the issue, we are pressed with the same lines that we must think differently. But let's admit it - it has never been that easy to come up with a solution which is at the same time practical and 'out of the box'.

“Learn to use your brain power.” says Richard Branson. According to him, finding an original solution to any problem is the key to success. It does not come from taking a path already charted. It comes from thinking differently and challenging the status quo. So, how do we find an original solution to our problems?

It requires a good deal of drilling into our minds and most importantly a good length of time to devise a practical solution. Nevertheless, the good news is that we can always train ourselves to think differently and there are a good bunch of techniques out there that can help us get the job done.

By the way, there is a basic way of getting the right solutions “creatively”. It’s just a simple 7-step process that can help you play the game properly. Here they are:

  1. Clarify and identify the problem
  2. Research the problem
  3. Formulate creative challenges
  4. Generate ideas
  5. Combine and evaluate the ideas
  6. Draw up an action plan
  7. Do it! (implement the ideas)

If you are successful in applying step 1 to step 7, consider half the job is done. Solving problem is actually what we do on a daily basis if not an hourly one. We are faced with problems and issues at every junction on our way everyday. While we know how to deal with the routine ones, tackling the peculiar ones are always a hard nut to crack.

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