Continuous Improvement Productivity Framework

One of the functions of the NPCC as per the NPCC Act 1999, is to “arrange for consultancy services in the areas of productivity and quality management and related fields”.
NPCC has been offering in-plant consultancy and training programmes to more than 200 enterprises (public and private) for more than two decades now. This field experience has highlighted that most of the CEOs and managers know that their success is directly related to effective and continual implementation of process improvements in their enterprises. However, a major managerial problem has been the difficulty for them to successfully implement and sustain changes in their enterprise.
Enterprises are more likely to achieve their improvement goals when they use a structured method rather than an ad hoc approach, for continuous improvement. A logical and well-structured framework for implementing continuous improvement initiatives will ensure the improvement of productivity and quality and the sustainability of the system as a whole.

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