Natec Medical Ltd and SSS Furniture distinguished at African Kaizen Awards

Ebène, 04.09.20: Natec Medical Ltd and SSS Furniture, two Mauritian companies, shone at the African Kaizen Awards ceremony, which was celebrated in the margins of the African Kaizen Annual Conference (AKAC) from 1 to 3 September. The conference this year took place virtually through online networking and sharing platforms.

Natec Medical Ltd, represented by Mr. Sehezad Ghaboos, Head of Operations, won the Excellent Performer Award in the large companies category. It also bagged a 20-hour remote free consultancy on Kaizen by the expert members of the Examination Committee.

SSS Furniture, represented by Mrs. Maya Sewnath, Chief Executive Officer and Ms. Chetna Ramsurn, Marketing Executive, reached the finalist's level among 22 projects in the SMEs category.

Both companies were nominated by the NPCC to participate in the award. It was the first participation of Mauritian companies in the African Kaizen Conference. The results were announced on Tuesday 1 September at the opening of the African Kaizen Conference that was attended by 500 participants from African countries.

The African Kaizen Annual Conference aims at promoting and upgrading Kaizen activities in Africa to facilitate its development objectives and the implementation of TICAD and Agenda 2063 objectives. AKAC specific objectives are:

·       a mutual learning process on the know-how and practical experiences of Kaizen activities in Africa and around the world;

·       strengthening and expanding the network among Kaizen practitioners, promoters and researchers at the global level, and

·       understanding and conveying key messages from Kaizen or quality and productivity improvement promoters and practitioners to African heads of states and policy makers.

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