Watch the latest edition of Focus on the theme 'Koman anplwaye ek anplwayer travay ansam pu amelyor prodiktivite'

The NPCC organised the fith edition of FOCUS on Friday 09 September 2022.

The objective of FOCUS is to create knowledge networks among enterprises across different sectors and to facilitate focused group discussions on various challenges faced by enterprises.

This edition of FOCUS addressed the theme: Workplace Co-operation: “Koman anplwaye ek anplwayer travay ansam pu amelyor prodiktivite..?!”

Workers and management need one another to make a business productive. Workplace cooperation is a mechanism put in place by the enterprise to enable both parties to understand each other’s needs, interest and difficulties. To make cooperation possible, three essentials are to be set: good communication, trust between parties and respect for each other. There are a number of actions that enterprises can initiate to realise workplace cooperation.

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