NLE 2019 projects

The Outcomes of NLE 2019

The Citizen Support Unit were requested to provide their support to identify the projects. In total 42 projects were submitted for regional assessment by participants from the 11 Youth Centres. The themes of the projects submitted covered the following areas or categories: Animal Welfare; Behavioural/ Etiquette; Drug Abuse; Education; Elderly; Employment; Environment; Health; Ethics; First Aid /Road Safety; Health; Homelessness; Mental Health; National Security; Persons with Disabilities; Social; Sports; Unemployment and entrepreneurship; Youth. From these, the best project from each Youth Centre was selected to participate in the National Assessment.

During the IGNITE phase, participants developed the following skills:

Social Competence
Leadership Skills
Team Building

During the DRIVE phase, the participant:
Implemented creative and innovative projects for the community
Created a momentum for positive change

Inspirational Workshop
The National Leadership Engine Convention including National Leadership Engine Award of Prizes, Trophy and Certificates

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