NLE 2024

NLE2024 consists of three levels.  Level 1 is a free online course to empower you(th) with key concepts of Leadership(see link for online training shared at the end of this form).  Level 2 consists of a dynamic 3-day BOOTCAMP, tentatively scheduled for April 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2024. This intensive program is designed for action-based learning that promises an enriching experience for all participants. Level 3 requires participants to implement a team-based community project to be presented to assessors  at regional and national assessments.  The NLE Convention are planned to be held between September and October 2024. These events will provide a platform for showcasing skills and knowledge acquired throughout the project.  
After completing level 1 and level 2, participants will be eligible for an attendance certificate.  Participants who attend the full training and successfully complete a community-level project will be eligible to receive certificates of participation as recognition of their commitment and achievement.

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