Scrap Challenge projects 2nd Round

Using Recycle materials to create a terrace and roof garden by Abhishek Bheemul

Petit Robot by Adiyan Mardemootoo

Second Chance by Jeremy Norma

Scrap Makes Fun by Bhoomi Toolsy

Floating Table Lamp by Bhuvi Mohiputlall

Popcorn holder by Vedanth Jayraj Bhukory

Multipurpose holder by Shahila Safroon Mohit

DIY Chess Board by Shaylee Riya Ramkissoon

Upcycled 'Balloon driven car' by Soham Sharma Ramburhose

Study corner by Sana Bibi Alifah Nayek

Another perspective of CANS by Hanshika Busawon

Recycling and technology by Hisham Lauthan

The Iron Guy by Bhayva Sharma Gungadin

Robot Boulon by Jean Noise Migwell Anthony

Lamp by Tylor Peddoo

Recycling of cans to create decorative objects by Khushi Bheemul

Wall Hanging Photo Frame by Nivriti Kokil

Self-Watering Plantation by Khyati Kokil

Tyrex The Robot by Maria Alyssa Maeva Violette

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