Operation COSHARE

What is Operation COSHARE?

Operation COSHARE (COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety and Resource Efficiency) is a joint initiative by the Ministry of Tourism, the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) and the Tourism Authority (TA). The project benefits from the collaboration of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE).

Why Operation COSHARE?

Conscious of the challenges brought in by the pandemic and that have severely impacted on the local tourist industry, the NPCC along with its collaborators is deploying Operation COSHARE to help beneficiaries get better appreciation of the safety and sanitary needs and protocols for the safe opening of borders. The objective is to help position Mauritius as a safe and environmentally sustainable tourist destination, attracting foreign visitors to make Mauritius their destination of choice.

The project also incorporates a resource efficiency training and implementation as part of a Green Economic Recovery of Mauritius to support the tourism industry to “build back better”.

Who is it for?

Operation COSHARE targets all operators in the Mauritian tourism and hospitality sector, which has witnessed severe setbacks by Covid-19. In Operation COSHARE, we will accompany each and every participating organisation in the tourism and hospitality sector in their quest to adhere to the highest benchmarks related to sanitary measures. Our target partners include hotels/ tourist residences/guesthouses, restaurants, pleasure craft operators, tourist guides, destination management companies, travel agencies, tourist attractions, beach hawkers, taxis based at hotels and airport, airport and organisations within airport, Mauritius Port Authority as well as all companies forming part of the value chain in the tourism and hospitality sector.

How will Operation COSHARE deployed?

Operation COSHARE will be implemented in two phases:


2. Resource Efficiency Project

 Enterprises are invited to register to the programme. Click here to register. 

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