NPQC 2019 winners

The NPCC culminated the NPQC 2019 with an Award Ceremony on 31 May 2019. A total of 106 projects related to productivity and quality improvement were entered in the Convention and were assessed by local jurors on 28 and 29 May 2019 at the Ravenala Hotel, Balaclava.

Grand Winners

Category: SME
Neel Trading & Facilities Ltd (Project: Efficiently Manage Process Area In Ewaste Department)
SS Business School Ltd (Project: Increased employability rate through the inclusion of moral values in soft skills training)

Large companies
Phoenix Beverages Limited (Project: Operational Excellence in Beverages Production)
Natec Medical Ltd (Project: Growing Natec’s Production Capacity, Productivity, Employee Engagement through Leadership Standard Work)

Government, Parastatals & Registered Associations
Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (Project: Reduction of inefficiency in the organization of science promotion activities at the RGSC)
Employees Welfare Fund (Project: Customer Journey towards a user friendly and interactive on-line loan application)

Interaction without intervention

List of Award Winners
Bronze Award - SME

• Hampa Ltd – Reduce lack of stock by improving employee performance
• Everland Ltd
• Lavan Furniture Ltd
• Industry 4.0 Consultant
• The Secret Lounge
• MAAJ Enterprise
• Flacq Leading Hospitality and Tourism Ltd

Bronze awards - Large companies

• Rey & Lenferna Ltd
• A World of Labels
• Plastinax Austral Ltd
• Neel Construction & Industries Ltd
• Princes Tuna Mauritius Ltd – Productivity Improvement at Post process Area
• Avipro Co Ltd – Automatic Egg Nest to replace manual Egg Nest
• Froid Des Mascareignes Ltd – Reducing power consumption at Latanier refrigeration plant.
• Axess Limited
• Polytol Paints & Adhesives Manufacturers Co Ltd
• Kolos Cement Ltd
• OPP Contracting Ltd

Bronze Awards - Government, Parastatals & Registered Associations

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade
• Mauritius Institute of Health
• Mauritius Housing Company Ltd
• Mauritius Accreditation Service (MAURITAS)
• National Empowerment Foundation
• Human Resources Development Council
• Keats college
• Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection (Industry Division)- Assay Office
• University of Mauritius

Silver Awards - SME

• Exo Foodstuff Ltd
• TPS Printing
• Box & Design Co Ltd
• Saveurs Vegetales Ltee
• Chelvan Furniture Ltd
• Foods Worth Co Ltd
• Hampa Ltd
• SS Business School Ltd

Silver Awards – Large Companies

• Archemics Ltd
• Avipro Co Ltd- An automatic system to maintain ventilation during power failure in poultry farms
• Marine Biotechnology Products Ltd - Crude Oil Optimisation
• Marine Biotechnology Products Ltd – Reduction of free fatty acids in fishmeal
• IBL Seafood Ltd - Engagement & Empowerment of safety champions to promote a culture of safety
• Forges Tardieu Ltd
• AfrAsia Bank Ltd
• Princes Tuna Mauritius Ltd – Exploitation of Pre-Cooked Tuna Artery Bulb
• Ducray Lenoir Ltd

Silver Awards- Government, Parastatals & Registered Associations

• Association des hotels de Charme
• Entomology Division, Agricultural Services, Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security
• Food & Agricultural Research and Extension Institute
• The Groupement Social de Souillac
• Sir Leckraz Teelock State Secondary School
• Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre – Strategic Approach to enhance the promotion of technology at RGSC
• Coast Guard Training School
• Kolektif Rivier Nwar
• Grand-Bois Police Station
• University of Technology Mauritius
• Sebastopol State Secondary School
• Economic Development Board
• Mauritius Fire & Rescue Services – Set of Fire Investigation Unit

Gold Award – SME

• Neel Trading & Facilities Ltd
• SS Business School Ltd
• Royaume des Delices Ltd

Gold Award Large Companies

• Phoenix Beverages Limited
• Natec Medical Ltd
• Froid Des Mascareignes Ltd – Reducing downtime in the sorting area

Gold Awards - Government, Parastatals & Registered Associations

• Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre
• Employees Welfare Fund
• Mauritius Police Force – Research and Development Unit
• Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital
• CEB (Green Energy) Co Ltd

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