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Empower your NGO with ELIT Online Training of Trainers

The ELIT project aims to bridge the language and digital divide through a 120-hours computer-based training course delivered to women with low academic back-ground in Mauritius. The project was initiated in 2005 with funding secured from UNESCO and involved collaboration with the University of Mauritius. A team was hired to develop the training manual and computer-based learning package.

In 2006, a pilot test of the ELIT course was conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Women's Rights, Family Welfare, and Child Development. The training was delivered at women's centres and college computer labs, and 184 women successfully completed the course. The project was officially launched in 2007, and NGOs were invited to take ownership and train individuals in their communities.

The project expanded with the support of municipal councils and NGOs, and over 700 women were trained between 2007 and 2011. In 2012/2013, Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands and French Pacific sponsored the training of 10 NGOs. The project faced challenges but has been sustained by the E-Inclusion Foundation, with Entreprendre au Feminin Ocean Indien(EFOI) training approximately 100 women per year.

In 2018, a training of trainers’ course for staff of the National Women Council was conducted, and under the partnership, over 150 women were trained. During the Covid-19 pandemic, ELIT-trained women learned to use Zoom and WhatsApp for discussions. The EFOI proposed developing an online version of the training, benefiting members in the region. Since 2005, over 40 organisations were contacted as partners, 140 trainers were trained, and over 2500 women were awarded certificates.

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